Our Factory


Our Story

In the heart of China, there thrived a unique factory – ENT Energy Turbo. Founded by Mr. Mohamad Bashir Tolaymat, this factory wasn't just about production; it was a hub of innovation where dreams took flight.

ENT Energy Turbo believed that every entrepreneur, every visionary, had a story to tell. They didn't just manufacture products; they crafted partnerships built on trust and shared dreams. The factory became a place where stories of transformation unfolded, and dreams became tangible realities.

One day, hairstylist Alex walked in with sketches of his vision. With dedication and passion, the ENT Energy Turbo team, led by Mr. Mohamad Bashir Tolaymat, turned Alex's dream into the brand "TressTales." Together, they transformed ideas into dazzling realities that found their way into salons, runways, and homes worldwide.

ENT Energy Turbo, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Mohamad Bashir Tolaymat, was more than a factory; it was an embodiment of empowerment. It was a story of turning dreams into extraordinary achievements.

With passion, creativity, and collaboration, they illuminated a path for others to follow. The legacy of Mr. Mohamad Bashir Tolaymat and ENT Energy Turbo continued to shine, inspiring countless entrepreneurs to aim high and turn their dreams into reality.